Business und Spirit – introduction and welcome

Welcome to the Business und Spirit Podcast for Leaders, leading personalities and decision makers.

This is the first episode of the Business und Spirit Podcast in English language.

During this podcast I introduce to you myself and Business und Spirit. I talk about some assumptions and ideas and I provide you with an outlook to the next coming podcasts.

Being a leader is a big difference to being a manager and/or executive. You as leader shape the organisation and culture.

What kind of human nature do you want to design within your organisation, within your environment?

My aim is to inspire and motivate you as a leading personality. My happiness and fulfillment is your success and when you live the best version of you that you could ever live, when you achieve your highest goals.
That means that your organisation and all employees within enjoy success, meaning and sense, joy and fun.
Nothing else I could wish for.

Enjoy listening!
Yours, Michaela Graham

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